Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend Updates

My weekend consisted of a party, a remembrance day for my dad who died 5 years ago and lots of crafting!I went to the Blizzard Holiday party with Ryan, who has worked there for 5 years. They celebrated all of the 5 year employees by calling them onstage and giving them a $100 gift card. They also get a sword...yes, a real sword. It is kind of amazing. We has a great time and I was honored to be there with Ryan and I was at his very first Holiday party 5 years ago.

I know I have posted this photo before, but it is my favorite of me and my dad. Saturday was my dad's death day. He died 5 years ago. My family "celebrated" (a weird word to use, I know) by eating at his fave. restaurant, The Claim Jumper. We at WAY too much food and had a Molson Canadian beer in his honor (he was Canadian.) Then we drove around and looked at Christmas lights listening to an Ipod playlist of all of his favorite songs. It was a really nice time and I am glad my mom, sister and myself take the time to do things like this.

I opened a new ETSY shop!! For You With Love

This shop is going to contain more houseware-ish items. Like I mentioned before, I have been handmaking all of my holiday presents this year and it has been really really fun! It made me want to see if there was a market out there for my new creations. Go and take a look. My store is small right now but I am going to keep updating it everyday!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday Fashion

Bib/Statement Necklaces!!

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a thing for large jewelry...especially necklaces. I have worn huge necklaces for years with everything from large rhinestones to anatomical hearts. I really adore jewelry in general and I think it is a really great way to spruce up any outfit. Big bold jewelry looks great with jeans and a t shirt and it looks good with the perfect black dress. I wear jewelry everyday and I love it.

When the Bib/Statement necklace started to gain popularity this season, I thought FINALLY!!! I have a Bi
b necklace that looks a lot like this...
This one is from Amazon and is pretty inexpensive. Again, so many stores have these necklaces and they range in prices. I think they are all pretty amazing. The do come in different sizes, so if you dont feel horribly daring there are small ones to meet your needs. Personally, I am a fan of the gigantic ones...the bigger the better!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holiday Fashion

Another fashion item that I feel is really great for right now is...


Since the weather is getting colder all I want to wear with my dresses are boots and tights. I love love love black tights...they go with everything and make so many outfits look more complete. When I feel like I have nothing to wear or I just dont feel like getting dressed I automatically go for black. When I am casual, its a black long sleeved T and jeans. When I want to be a bit more dressy, its a black dress, black shoes/boots and black tights! I have actually ventured out past my black tights comfort zone and bought a pair of brown tights...which are great as well.

However, lace tights seem to be the new black tights. Honestly, they dont make your legs look fat and they are a great way to make an outfit feel dressy and special. I also think they look great for a casual day. Lace leggings/tights are a great way to wear the fabric without feeling too dressed up!

I am obsessed with the ones from Target, but I cant find a good photo. It seems like every store has a pair. Here are some good ones...

These ones are from Dillard's and are pretty inexpensive...

These ones are from Banana Repbulic and are really cute as well.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sometimes Life Gets In The Way...

I know I said that I would be posting this week with my holiday fashion favorites, but sometimes life happens and get in the way of other things!

My dog Daisy somehow got into some chocolate. I think a bag of chocolate chips fell out of the cupboard and she at ALL of it. She woke me up on Wed night/Thurs. morning around 130am and just seemed restless. I thought she needed to go outside so I let her in and out for about a half hour. The she just began to throw was literally pure chocolate.

I took her to the Emergency Animal Clinic, which is expensive but open all night AND has a pet ambulance. They put her on an IV and kept her until 730ish when I took her to my regular vet where she was monitored all day.

Daisy is a small dog...only 13 lbs and that much chocolate in her system really affected her. She is doing GREAT now, but for the past couple days we were really worried.

So $500 later, I just haven't found the time to update. I will start back up tomorrow (Monday) with my holiday fashion ideas and with my baking and crafting adventures.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holiday Fashion

I always love clothes and fashion. I feel like the colder months are better for dressing myself in fashion forward clothes. In Southern California the summer months are so hot and I never want to wear anything more than a dress and flip flops. When it cools down a bit outside, out come the tights, boots, scarves, hats and cardigans, chunky sweaters and layers!

There are always extra parties to go to around the holiday season which offer up more opportunities to go all out fashion-wise.

This week I am going to list some of my favorite trends/looks for the holiday season!


On hats, bags, shoes, cardigans, dresses, leggings…whatever! I love sequins all year round, but something about the holidays make me want to wear them constantly.

My personal favorite that I have been wearing non stop is a sequined slouchy beret.

This one is from Forever 21 and was super inexpensive. It instantly adds sparkle to anything I put on which is why I adore it!