Monday, August 31, 2009

hello monday

i had a good fest and all.

i listed some new items on my etsy shop...

2 vintage bags

an one pair of earrings

i sold a necklace today to my mom's bingo group. it was used as a prize and it got stolen. haha. my mom said that people loved it. i wish i had photographed it before i sent it away...

i started my new job today and it felt goo to work even though it is not an ideal job. it will give me money which will allow me to actually start my life

Saturday, August 29, 2009

new blog, new job

i decided to make and actively use a blog for many keep people updated about my etsy store, to share wonderful treasures i find, to connect with others, and to try and be technological creative! i have been thinking about starting one for a while and i finally decided to do it rather than think about it

i will share my day to day activities and feelings, my new projects for etsy, my now projects in general, new food i make, new adventures i have, and even the boring and mundane events that happen in my life...

for instance


i have been looking all summer. technically i was not unemployed because i was still on faculty at Santa Ana College and i was still teaching a couple pre school dance classes a week. however, the college was off for the summer and the pre school class was not making ends meet. so i have been looking for most anything...i never applied at a retail for food place. i just couldnt bring myself to do it, even though the job i have now is not so ideal. regardless, it is a job...with consistent hours...and consistent checks...and it is part time so i can still do my other jobs. i feel like there is a weight that has been removed from my heart. my whole body feels lighter and when i think about my "job" i get a really excited feeling in my belly. i start on monday and honestly i am so happy about it.