Monday, September 28, 2009

the weekend

my weekend consisted of home made food, flowers, shopping, some organization, late night adventures and kitty cats.

the lasagna i mentioned before turned out to be delicious! i shared it with friends and family and there was basically nothing left over, which is always a good sign.

cheesy, melty, gooey, veggie goodness

i bought these flowers at a local supermarket. normally supermarket flowers are not my first choice, but i cannot resist sunflowers.

i found the best pair of sunglasses EVER. they are dark and large and cover a lot of my face, which is exactly what i want in a pair of sunglasses. they are so amazing (and cheap at 9.99) i bought in black and one in brown!

i re-took some of my ETSY photos. i read a great article on etsy photographs and i am trying to make my pictures more consistent and better quality. remember...1) i am not a photographer and 2) i dont have a fancy camera. however, i think they look better than before. here is an example...

finally...late night adventures and kitty cats dont need much explaination

Friday, September 25, 2009

cooking adventures

last night i went to the farmer's market in downtown Fullerton. i really enjoy this market in particular because of the community feel it has. it is in a great location that is surrounded with restaurants, little shops, yoga studios, tea houses, dance studios and great old houses. there is also a stage with a variety of different performers...mostly bands and most of the time the bands are not so good, but people consistently come to watch and set up their chairs in a half circle around the stage. there are food vendors that sell food to eat and other people selling their crafts. loads of people bring their children and dogs. it is just really lovely and i enjoy going.

i bought a bunch of fresh vegetables so i could make a lasagna. i made it today to let it sit over night and i will be putting it in the oven tomorrow. i didnt really follow a recipe...i just remembered other lasagna recipes i have made in the past and went off instinct.

i used 3 kinds of cheeses, a jar of alfredo sauce, and 1 can of diced tomatoes italian style. The vegetables i used included; tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini, carrots, onion and garlic. i also threw in some meatless "ground beef" like crumbles to give it some texture.

i cooked everything up a little bit in a saute pan before i placed it all in the baking dish.

then i just layered everything until the pan was full and put loads and loads of cheese on top.

how could it be bad right?

have a good weekend friends!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


someone sent me this article announcing that some of the SIGG water bottles have BPA in them. sad for all of us who have one. read on...

i happen to have a SIGG water bottle. it looks like this...(photo from Sigg website)

i got reusable water bottles to avoid BPA and other chemicals in plastic water bottles. luckily i have a couple Klean Kanteen bottles to use. hopefully i will get my stuff together and send it back to SIGG for a replacement (read the article, it tells you what to do)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

sneak preview

i am pretty much finished with this necklace and i thought i would give my blog readers a sneak preview.
it is a little heavy, but sits along the collar bones. the flower is made from a few different bronze flowers glued together and the beads are plastic.

i am excited to list it. i might make one for myself.

Monday, September 21, 2009

fun finds

i love finding treasures in different places. i have found a few thing recently that i really want to share!i found this the other day at my little mailbox/post office place. i was standing in line waiting to ship some ETSY items and i looked over to my left and there it was. my lovely friend jenn (Sweet Pea Studios) has one of these cats and i have always been jealous.

now i have my own little cat. he sits up high on a shelf waving and waving and waving. i lovelovelove him.

i also found this AMAZING mirror at a garage sale a couple weekends ago. it was only $10!

it was painted this retro yellow color by the previous owner and it is super heavy. it is special and vintage and one of a kind. i am in love with it!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

things i love

i haven't bought these boots yet, but i am seriously considering it.( photo from Payless website)

Payless shoes are great because they are cheap and trendy, but because they are so inexpensive it doesn't matter if they break or go out of style in a year.

i bought this necklace in gold from Forever 21. i ADORE it.
(photo from Forever 21 website)

it is hard to tell, but the owl has rhinestones in his eyes and a large jewel in his belly. i have gotten so many compliments on my new little friend.

i got my new headband from Heart of Light today.

(photo from Heart of Light website)

it is SO PRETTY! i can't wait to wear it! the packaging was adorable and it came to my house really quickly. lovelovelove

i found this dress today on ModCloth.

(photo from ModCloth website)

it is super cute and feminine and professional. i have nothing like it and i think it would look great with all of the colored heels i have

Friday, September 11, 2009

day off

i dont have work today, which is nice. my mom is having work done on the house today, so i have to sit here and be available for whatever they need. it is always awkward and weird when strangers come into your house.

i did make two sales on ETSY today. i sold a really cool necklace and a ring. i am very happy. it seems like that is how my ETSY selling always goes. i sell a handful of things all at the same time and then i will go for a bit without selling anything. weird...

i did buy myself something LOVELY today on ETSY from "Heart of Light"

(photo from Heart of Light)

i am really excited to get my headband and wear it all the time!

Friday, September 4, 2009

new kitten

once again an animal has found its way into my life. our neighbors found a kitten on their driveway and they couldn't find the owners. obviously i told them that if they can't find a place for her, my house would take her...
she is absolutely adorable. we haven't really named her yet...nothing seems to be fitting. she is really really feisty and has loads of energy. she is all black with a tiny tiny white spot on her chest. she has been a huge distraction, so my crafting has been put on hold. i will be back with more craft news and new listings!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

i love thrift stores

i went to the local goodwill and found some really nice things. more importantly, my tulip bowls came today. i love vintage house wears. i love the colors and the durability. they are just amazing and extra wonderful when found in really good condition. i tried to photograph my little set up...but the photo is not that good...

i still love my little set up. i will probably change it in the next 10 minutes, but i love it regardless.

i also found a cute 80's dress

and an AMAZING pink coat from (im guessing) the 1960's

both items will be listed on my ETSY store as soon as i take measurements. i can tell you now that the dress would probably fit a medium to extra large. the coat is more like a small to medium. they both are in REALLY good condition, which is always exciting with vintage clothes.

i plan to keep thrifting at my local stores so my collection will grow. i dont really need a larger collection of things, but its too fun to stop.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

september...where did you come from?

it is September already! i dont know where the summer went. i spent it looking for jobs, practicing yoga, doing nothing, being hot, driving and eating. September always surprises me...every year i cant believe the summer is finished.

in honor of summer being over, i bought myself a treat...

(photo by WinkingOwl)

i have always loved tulip bowls, especially the colored ones. i couldnt resist this set of 6. i found them at WinkingOwl's ETSY store

i cant wait for them to get here and i can figure out what to do with them.