Monday, September 28, 2009

the weekend

my weekend consisted of home made food, flowers, shopping, some organization, late night adventures and kitty cats.

the lasagna i mentioned before turned out to be delicious! i shared it with friends and family and there was basically nothing left over, which is always a good sign.

cheesy, melty, gooey, veggie goodness

i bought these flowers at a local supermarket. normally supermarket flowers are not my first choice, but i cannot resist sunflowers.

i found the best pair of sunglasses EVER. they are dark and large and cover a lot of my face, which is exactly what i want in a pair of sunglasses. they are so amazing (and cheap at 9.99) i bought in black and one in brown!

i re-took some of my ETSY photos. i read a great article on etsy photographs and i am trying to make my pictures more consistent and better quality. remember...1) i am not a photographer and 2) i dont have a fancy camera. however, i think they look better than before. here is an example...

finally...late night adventures and kitty cats dont need much explaination

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