Friday, October 2, 2009

thrifting sucess

i am currently choreographing a piece for Santa Ana College's Fall faculty show. since there has been so many cutbacks in the budget this semester, we basically have no money for production which means our costume people are non existent. so this semester it is up to the choreographers to get their own costumes.

yesterday i went into the dance departments costume storage facility (which i helped organize when i was a student there) and looked around for costumes. i was fairly unlucky and only picked up a few things.

on my way home i decided to stop over at my local Goodwill and see what i could find. in my head, i was seeing my dancers is feminine dresses...with a vintagey feel...ruffles and lace and floral print.

i was unbelievably successful. i got 9 dresses (i have 8 dancers, but having extras is always good) and a cardigan (also for the dance) for $80!

all of the dresses "go" together and i feel like they are really cohesive. i think they will look great together on stage.

i also got a few other things...2 to sell on ETSY and one for ME!

for ETSY

for ETSY
for ME!!!


  1. Nice score! I like the blue and brown one, third from the right.

  2. I can't wait to see your dance, it's going to be awsome!