Saturday, October 31, 2009


What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

I really do love this holiday. I always have. I always decide my costume way in advance and piece it together throughout the year. When I was a kid, trick or treating was pure joy. My mom always sued to make our costumes...we NEVER bought one from the store. I think they were better that way.

This Halloween I am being funny and making a small social commentary at the same time. I am dressing up as Abraham Lincoln...but sexy...Babe-raham Lincoln.

There is a reason why I picked Lincoln...I have always been in love with him for some strange reason. As a little girl I liked him and he was an imaginary friend. My parents took me to Mt. Rushmore numerous times and I knew all the presidents on the huge mountain carving by the time I was like 2 years old. I was a weird kid...I know.

So the sexy part...Personally I am bothered that Halloween costumes for women are all automatically something "sexy." And the fact that women think that MUST dress up as something "sexy" for Halloween bothers me too. I think it is silly and unnecessary. I NEVER dress up as "sexy" anything and a make it a point to dress up as something almost the opposite (example: 2 years ago, Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction AFTER her overdose, needle in chest and blood all over).

So my idea was to dress up as something that was ridiculous "sexy" i.e. Lincoln. I will have this dress on...
It is actually a nice dress and can be short or long...obvuiusly for Halloween it will be short. I will also have fishnets and my FABULOUS Madden Girl grey peep toe platform pumps with a huge flower on the toe.

The finishing touch?

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