Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the cutest dress i have seen in a while

i love fashion and clothes. i admit it. i am an addict. sadly, i dont make enough money to fulfill my addiction and actually buy all of the clothing and accessory items i want.

in order to satisfy my shopping desires, i constantly "window shop" on the internet. making countless numbers of "wish lists' and/or shopping carts filled to the brim. i rarely ever make these purchases as some of the grand totals are worth more than my life :)
however, continuing with my little ritual gives me a feeling of satisfaction and is conducive to my shopping sobriety.

i did stumble across this little beauty yesterday on B&Lu. i am pretty much in love and i am really really considering buying it. i dont normally spend on trendy items of clothing, but i feel like this fits my style and i could wear it forever.

(photo from B&Lu.com)

i also found this adorable dress...

(photo from Missphit.com)

this dress is from the website Missphit. i basically adore it.

i love fake shopping and sharing it with the world

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