Wednesday, September 2, 2009

i love thrift stores

i went to the local goodwill and found some really nice things. more importantly, my tulip bowls came today. i love vintage house wears. i love the colors and the durability. they are just amazing and extra wonderful when found in really good condition. i tried to photograph my little set up...but the photo is not that good...

i still love my little set up. i will probably change it in the next 10 minutes, but i love it regardless.

i also found a cute 80's dress

and an AMAZING pink coat from (im guessing) the 1960's

both items will be listed on my ETSY store as soon as i take measurements. i can tell you now that the dress would probably fit a medium to extra large. the coat is more like a small to medium. they both are in REALLY good condition, which is always exciting with vintage clothes.

i plan to keep thrifting at my local stores so my collection will grow. i dont really need a larger collection of things, but its too fun to stop.

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