Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday Fashion

Bib/Statement Necklaces!!

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a thing for large jewelry...especially necklaces. I have worn huge necklaces for years with everything from large rhinestones to anatomical hearts. I really adore jewelry in general and I think it is a really great way to spruce up any outfit. Big bold jewelry looks great with jeans and a t shirt and it looks good with the perfect black dress. I wear jewelry everyday and I love it.

When the Bib/Statement necklace started to gain popularity this season, I thought FINALLY!!! I have a Bi
b necklace that looks a lot like this...
This one is from Amazon and is pretty inexpensive. Again, so many stores have these necklaces and they range in prices. I think they are all pretty amazing. The do come in different sizes, so if you dont feel horribly daring there are small ones to meet your needs. Personally, I am a fan of the gigantic ones...the bigger the better!

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