Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holiday Fashion

I always love clothes and fashion. I feel like the colder months are better for dressing myself in fashion forward clothes. In Southern California the summer months are so hot and I never want to wear anything more than a dress and flip flops. When it cools down a bit outside, out come the tights, boots, scarves, hats and cardigans, chunky sweaters and layers!

There are always extra parties to go to around the holiday season which offer up more opportunities to go all out fashion-wise.

This week I am going to list some of my favorite trends/looks for the holiday season!


On hats, bags, shoes, cardigans, dresses, leggings…whatever! I love sequins all year round, but something about the holidays make me want to wear them constantly.

My personal favorite that I have been wearing non stop is a sequined slouchy beret.

This one is from Forever 21 and was super inexpensive. It instantly adds sparkle to anything I put on which is why I adore it!

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