Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend Updates

My weekend consisted of a party, a remembrance day for my dad who died 5 years ago and lots of crafting!I went to the Blizzard Holiday party with Ryan, who has worked there for 5 years. They celebrated all of the 5 year employees by calling them onstage and giving them a $100 gift card. They also get a sword...yes, a real sword. It is kind of amazing. We has a great time and I was honored to be there with Ryan and I was at his very first Holiday party 5 years ago.

I know I have posted this photo before, but it is my favorite of me and my dad. Saturday was my dad's death day. He died 5 years ago. My family "celebrated" (a weird word to use, I know) by eating at his fave. restaurant, The Claim Jumper. We at WAY too much food and had a Molson Canadian beer in his honor (he was Canadian.) Then we drove around and looked at Christmas lights listening to an Ipod playlist of all of his favorite songs. It was a really nice time and I am glad my mom, sister and myself take the time to do things like this.

I opened a new ETSY shop!! For You With Love

This shop is going to contain more houseware-ish items. Like I mentioned before, I have been handmaking all of my holiday presents this year and it has been really really fun! It made me want to see if there was a market out there for my new creations. Go and take a look. My store is small right now but I am going to keep updating it everyday!

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