Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holiday Fashion

Another fashion item that I feel is really great for right now is...


Since the weather is getting colder all I want to wear with my dresses are boots and tights. I love love love black tights...they go with everything and make so many outfits look more complete. When I feel like I have nothing to wear or I just dont feel like getting dressed I automatically go for black. When I am casual, its a black long sleeved T and jeans. When I want to be a bit more dressy, its a black dress, black shoes/boots and black tights! I have actually ventured out past my black tights comfort zone and bought a pair of brown tights...which are great as well.

However, lace tights seem to be the new black tights. Honestly, they dont make your legs look fat and they are a great way to make an outfit feel dressy and special. I also think they look great for a casual day. Lace leggings/tights are a great way to wear the fabric without feeling too dressed up!

I am obsessed with the ones from Target, but I cant find a good photo. It seems like every store has a pair. Here are some good ones...

These ones are from Dillard's and are pretty inexpensive...

These ones are from Banana Repbulic and are really cute as well.

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